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Verde Technologies Inc. Wins DOE Perovskite Prize

Verde Technologies Inc. is 1 of 3 winners of the DOE-funded Perovskite Prize of $200k. The company has been working towards this award for the past year by advancing it's technology in the lab, meeting with tech and business advisors, and researching the market that will thrive with this ground-breaking technology.

The team is creating partnerships with other universities and manufacturers to achieve the goal of scaling up this technology. Additionally, they are hiring a lab technician to get more hands in the lab and make more progress at a faster rate.

The Perovskite Prize has two prizes: The Countdown ($200k) and the Liftoff ($500k). Once a team wins the Countdown prize, they have one year to put together the application for the Liftoff prize. Verde Technologies Inc. has until August 2023 to advance their technology and apply for the $500k cash prize.

Read more about the Prize here.

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