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Defining the future of clean energy with efficient and low cost perovskite solar panels


Who Are We?

We are Verde Technologies,

an NSF, DOE/SETO-funded startup, and NREL collaborator that spun out of the University of Vermont. Our core competency is the rapid transition from lab-scale to full-scale manufacturing of stable, efficient, and safe perovskite solar cells using existing manufacturing infrastructure.

Our Mission:

Create the lowest-cost clean energy the world has ever seen.

Our mission is to lower the LCOE of solar to $0.02/kWh by 2030. We accomplish this by pushing the boundaries of solar efficiency, stability, and low-cost manufacturing techniques.


Looking to help?

We'd love to work with you! Whether you're a perovskite researcher, solar manufacturer, or just have questions/are interested in what we do, feel free to reach out using the form below!

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