Privacy Policy

Verde Technologies takes responsibility for your privacy, which is reflected in our handling of your personal data as a customer or supplier to us.

GDPR, which aims to strengthen the right to your privacy, therefore protects personal data in Sweden while creating a consistent level of protection for personal data within the EU, adapted to the modern society.

All personal data is owned by you as a customer or supplier to us at Verde Technologies. Your privacy is important to us, and we handle your personal data with great care.

Why do we process your personal data?

When you enter into a contractual relationship with us, we need your personal data to fulfill our part of the agreement. In addition to name and personal identification number, we also process information such as telephone number and email address to manage communication with you.

How do we process personal data?

When you use our contact form, your personal data will be registered in our administrative systems and used to contact you. They may also be processed for other purposes such as statistics, marketing, and information about our services.

We at Verde Technologies will handle your personal data strictly internally. We will not disclose your information to any other party except for compliance with legal requirements. Verde Technologies will retain your data as long as you have a contractual relationship with us. After that, they will only be stored for different legal requirements, such as the Accounting Act. Once the legal retention period has expired, your personal data will be deleted.

Can I access my personal data?

Contact us at and request information about the personal data we have about you.