Our mission

Saving the world with perovskites.

Our mission is to fight climate change by using perovskites. We are making solar panels that will be accessible for all and better for our planet.
Our Why

Saving the planet

We’ve heard about the issues surrounding the inconsistent, unreliable, global supply chain for silicon solar panels that are primarily manufactured in China and Southeast Asia. The natural response would be to begin domestic manufacturing of silicon panels however, the US has failed to reach cost parody with much of Asia. The silicon solar panel manufacturing process is energy and capital-intensive and there is a low throughput for cells and wafer production.
The solar market is growing
The market for suitable roofs is experiencing exponential growth
$7 bil
Not all roofs can go solar
10+ mil

Why Verde?

Invested in our planet and our people

Verde’s panels can be deposited roll-to-roll at high speeds and low temperatures using abundant and locally sourced precursor inks. This opens the door for a much more regular and local supply of solar panels, avoiding issues created by supply chain instability, shipping lag times, tariffs, and global political instability.


With our panels being 10x lighter than traditional silicon panels, installation becomes notably streamlined and user-friendly for all stakeholders. Our panels also facilitate efficient and accessible shipping, extending their reach to a wide array of global locations.


With the combination of reduction in shipping and installation costs, our panels allow substantial financial savings for all stakeholders involved.


Our manufacturing process emits 13x fewer greenhouse gases and we use existing printing and coating infrastructure from old newspaper and camera film factories.


Everything we produce is domestically made. Our partners are located in the U.S. and are diligently working to keep all manufacturing in America.