About us / Our story

Making a difference, together.

Our journey started with a scientific curiosity about perovskites. Today, our mission is to make a global impact by harnessing the power of perovskite solar cells to drive the renewable energy revolution. Our nationwide efforts are propelling us closer to achieving this goal.
The start

From our University origins to a nationwide footprint.

Verde Technologies commenced operations with two distinguished researchers at the University of Vermont who possessed cutting-edge technology and an ambitious group of entrepreneurial students, keen on showcasing the technology to the world. The convergence of the two entities resulted in the development of a comprehensive commercialization plan aimed at advancing the technology whilst transitioning the company from the laboratory to the market.

Since its public debut in February 2022, Verde Technologies has been actively engaging with leading perovskite experts in the industry, whilst also expanding its team, to maintain and accelerate its momentum.

Moving Forward

Partnering with leading perovskite experts to drive positive change on a global scale.

We recognize that effecting meaningful change requires a collaborative approach. We have secured partnerships with leading perovskite experts worldwide to drive innovation and advance the cause. To date, we have established eight ongoing academic collaborations with distinguished institutions such as The University of Vermont, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and UC San Diego.

Perovskites have emerged as one of the most promising solar cell technologies. Verde Technologies is at the forefront of addressing critical challenges related to commercialization, rapid scaling of manufacturing, and timely delivery to combat climate change. To this end, we have six key commercial partnerships with renowned companies such as Verico Technology, Flexcon, and D2 Solar.