verde team holding 200ft perovskite solar layer at Verico Technologies
September 29, 2023

Verde Makes Strides in Solar Innovation

BURLINGTON, VT – Verde Technologies has marked a significant milestone in the development of their revolutionary solar technology. On August 17th, the company demonstrated the core competency of their manufacturing technology by depositing their perovskite solar inks using existing full-scale roll-to-roll (RTR) manufacturing equipment at Verico Technologies, located in northern Connecticut.

Verde’s journey to this crucial achievement began with the development of their inks, utilizing their proprietary Verde Slot coating process in their labs in Burlington Vermont. Remarkably, just a few liters of their solution are sufficient to coat miles of solar panels. In the recent demonstration at Verico’s facility, Verde was able to deposit 200 ft of their perovskite inks 30 inches wide using standard manufacturing processes, equipment, and environmental conditions. This demonstrates that Verde has successfully created a pipeline for rapid scaleup of the recent breakthroughs in next-generation perovskite solar technology. 

This unique ability to make perovskite inks scalable is what launched Verde into its role as one of two commercial partners on the DOE’s new $11.25 million center for perovskite commercialization. The center puts Verde in a unique position to efficiently leverage scientific advancements from the top research groups. Within a matter of weeks, Verde was able to take a lab-scale ink formulation developed at the University of California, modify it to be scalable, and deposit it on Verico’s existing RTR manufacturing line. This proved their unique capability to accelerate perovskite solar scaleup and commercialization.

Verde’s recent achievements go beyond this recent trial. The company has received third-party verification of large-area cell efficiency, in-line with best-in-class silicon modules. This means that Verde’s panels today are already able to produce the same power as an equivalently sized heavy rigid panel while having the unique advantage of easier installation due to the lightweight flexible form factor. Additionally, accelerated testing of the cell stack Verde is utilizing is already projecting commercially viable lifetimes today. 

In parallel with their technological advancements, Verde’s team has undergone rapid expansion. They now have over 80 years of combined experience in thin-film and solar research. Although the team has doubled in size, now a team of 8, the company has no plans of slowing down. They are planning to hire multiple senior-level positions in the months to come in preparation for their next round of venture financing.

The company’s passion for innovation, coupled with its proven track record, makes Verde an attractive partner for those interested in shaping the future of renewable energy.

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